Safe cities

MOLO LOLO and Safe Cities partnership

MOLO LOLO is embarking in a new exciting partnership with Safe Cities. Safe Cities is a non-profit organization that serves youth and families in communities within areas such as Atlantis, Bishop Lavis, Elsies River, Manenberg and Khayelitsha. We have decided to support this NGO due to their strong connection within these communities and their desire to improve public safety, education, housing and commercial opportunities. Our support is in the form of purchasing packets of handmade biscuits made by the foundation. As our complimentry gift please enjoy these delicious local biscuits placed in your lovely room.

Our contribution will assist the block making factory and housing development projects. Safe Cities has recently completed the construction of a new house in Elsies River, providing a stable living structure to seven young women between the ages of 17-28 years old.

When you are enjoying your biscuits you are contribuating to supporting this NGO and the local economy. By staying at MOLO LOLO, you can be comforted in the knowledge that you are making a positive impact supporting the local community.

You can found more information about Safe Cities by visiting their website :