Fair and equitable partices

MOLO LOLO is engaged in a fair, eco-friendly and sustainable business approach. We respect the core values of environmental labels through our organization and everyday behaviour. We aim at respecting and protecting the environment as well as our employees and guests, while providing a great service and unique experience in all our properties.


The Molo Lolo concept stands for fair wages and working conditions, fair purchasing and operations, equitable distribution of benefits and respect for human rights, culture and the environment. We also ensure that the people who contribute their land, resources, labour and knowledge to tourism are the ones who reap the benefits.  In today’s economy the relation North/South is subject to various and incalculable number of disparities. Fair trade steps and call to actions enable responsible companies to take advantage of social-economic benefits of wealthy nations to redistribute into the local community.

The journey puts at the center the relation and collaboration between people, which valorized a valuable economic and social development.

The respects of culture, people and nature as well as a fair distribution of wealth, resources and knowledge are fundamentals to this type of tourism operations.


  • Offer a qualitative service and guarantee guest satisfaction
  • Suggest human size facilities that highline and represents the work of locals
  • Preferred local employment which enables community empowerment
  • Reduce the environmental footprint through direct actions (Recycling, conscious water and electricity consumption, ecological care, preferred transport…)
  • Emphasize on territorial and social heritage
  • Raise awareness and educate travellers toward an ethical and conscious way of consuming.



  • Establishment of a long-term management system relating to the nature and environment of the business.
  • Be in accordance with the laws and legislation regarding health, security, taxes, employment…
  • Forming and educating the staff toward environmental practices enabling skills developments and self actualization.
  • Customer satisfaction is a priority and adaptive or corrective measures have to be taken if necessary. Improvement and adaptation are constant and imperative.
  • Promoting trust and honesty through reliable and accurate documents as well as verbal promises.
  • Be transparent in the communication, marketing, offerings and operational practices.
  • Respect the natural and cultural heritage and consider the local impact before implementation
  • Make use of sustainably local principles through the construction process
  • Make sure travellers and guests are aware of legislation & local way of life and are given the keys to discover the environment in the best conditions.
  • The company actively supports social, economical and cultural development initiatives.
  • The company employs local resident throughout its departments whatever the responsibilities level and recruit people in need (Minorities and women)
  • Additional offers and cross selling products are using the local workforce and valorized small entrepreneurs
  • Fight against irresponsible and unfair operational practices, especially relating to child, adolescents and women exploitation.
  • Provide employees with a legal protection and respect the minimum salary
  • The company’s daily operational usage such as the water, electricity and waste management does not warm surrounding communities.
  • Expose and display local artwork and locally made furniture, crockery… while respecting authors’ rights and promoting its talent.
  • A purchasing policy that prefers environmentally friendly products.
  • Limitation of waste or alternatively give away for people in need
  • Power and resource usage control
  • A strategic plans to recycle waste and limit the consummation of non-recycled items.

All of these points are part of MOLO LOLO concept and contribute to the business conception of a fair, sustainable and solidaire tourism.